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Protect Your Financial Future With An IRS Attorney

We Can Help You Complete An IRS Voluntary Disclosure In Albany, NY

When it comes to the IRS, there's no room for error-especially if you own a business. The Koff Law Firm, PLLC has years of experience in the field of IRS Law. Our reputable IRS appeals attorney in Albany, NY can help you with a variety of IRS procedures, including voluntary disclosure filing.

6 Tax Problems And Solutions We Can Help You Navigate

The Koff Law Firm can guide you through a variety of IRS legalities, including:

  1. Non-filing of tax returns: if you did not file your tax returns last year, you can count yourself among the thousands of other New Yorkers that did not file. The IRS prosecutes non-filers more than any other tax crime. We can help you file an IRS voluntary disclosure to avoid punishment.
  2. Alternatives to enforced collection by IRS: the IRS can seize wages, bank accounts, businesses, assets and even cars without a court order. The Koff Law Firm can intervene on your behalf and prevent the IRS from seizing your belongings.
  3. "Fresh Start" offers-in-compromise: the IRS Fresh Start initiative paved the way for offers-in-compromise, an intervention program that can eliminate thousands of dollars in tax liability under the right conditions. We can see if you meet those conditions.
  4. Partial payment installment agreements (PPIA): a PPIA allows you to complete your tax payment in easy installments for a set period. Once that time is over, the IRS can no longer collect money from you.
  5. Installment payment agreements (IA): By agreeing to an IA, you'll be responsible for monthly tax payment installments. The IA will prevent the IRS from performing an enforced collection and seizing your assets.
  6. Streamline installment agreements (SLIA): You might qualify for an SLIA if you owe $50,000 or less in tax liabilities. You will have specified tax payment installments for a period of 72 months, but you won't have to give the IRS a Collection Information Statement (CIS).